A Burden and Plan for Latin America

New Responsibilities

Since I last wrote, I have been in leadership meetings with Reaching and Teaching staff. This week I was given additional responsibilities and a new role which is exciting and humbling. I am now serving as Training Facilitator for Latin America. In this role it will be my responsibility to identify and develop new pastor training projects in all of Latin America and work with other staff to connect partners (churches, missionaries, teams, individuals, etc.) to staff these training projects on short-term missions trips.


It will also be my responsibility to travel to project sites on the first training project week and do follow-up trips for quality assurance. I also have the responsibility to develop a database on all Latin American projects which give pertinent information for the use of staff, missionaries, and teams on the particulars of each individual site.

As Reaching and Teaching International Ministries continues to grow and be used of God throughout the world, the need for oversight of various aspects of the ministry are needed. I am honored to be asked to take on such a role and desire to do my very best to glorify God and assist Dr. David Sills in this role. I humbly ask for your prayers.

Upcoming Trips

I was scheduled to travel to that Caribbean island nation south of Miami in March, but due to visa issues that trip had to be rescheduled. I am hoping to be there in May to do a week of pastor training.

Also, the Oaxaca Costa project is set to go. I was there last month visiting with Nathan and Mary Stanley and with pastors in that region of Mexico to set up the project. I also made a visit to South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville KY last Sunday. Pastor Jonathan Logan Carl and other church members are going to help us kick off this project July 11-19. Please pray for this project and for many pastors, missionaries, and church leaders to be trained in this strategic part of Mexico.

I am also anticipating going to other locations in South America where new projects are developing. Please pray for more open doors.

Thank You

As always, Beverly and I are very grateful for your prayer and financial support. Financial needs are increasing significantly due to increased travel responsibilities and your faithful giving and praying are very necessary.Your regular giving is necessary and appreciated and, if churches or individuals feel led to give any one-time gifts to help with travel costs, this would be a great blessing as well. We are trusting that where God guides, He provides, and that has always proved true. It is a blessing to us and to you as well when you give according to the Holy Spirit’s leading to fund this important and timely ministry. If you need information on how to give, please click on “Give” at the top of my blog. Thank you again for your faithfulness and sacrifice.

Tony Steele


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